6 Lite Window Sash-With Glass

Please contact us for our current lead time and pricing.

In our workshop, we build window sashes that match your home’s original style.  We build our sashes with our antique single end tenoning machine, to produce quality and traditional through-tenon and pinned joints.

Please specify:

a.  Upper OR lower sash and quantity of each.

b.  The profile that you wish to replicate: 

option A

option B

option C

option D

option E

tell us if you have a different profile you would like matched.

c.  Prime and glaze: 

modern oil based primer and glaze

linseed oil primer and glaze

d.  Glass type: 

18th Century Replica Cylinder Glass

19th Century Replica Cylinder Glass

Modern Double Strength Glass

e.  The glass size: 

8″ x 10”

10″ x 12”

tell us if you want a different size.

Period window sashes for your new or historic home.

This item is for a 6 lite upper or lower sash with glass, priming and glazing. (Pictured)  With 8" x 10" glass, the upper sash is  29″ wide x  24" tall. The lower sash is 29″ wide x 25 1/2" tall. Both upper and lower sash are 1 3/8″ thick.  Choose your options, and and we will make you traditional sashes from exterior rot resistant wood.

The muntin design is a great way to date a window. The last photo shows typical muntin profiles on the east coast of North America, any of which we are able to duplicate.

Please contact us for custom options, sizes, quotes, installation, and complete window replica units.

Each sash is custom made in our Winchester, Virginia workshop.


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